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FCC 600 MHz Wireless Mic Regulations Announced
This ruling will impact almost all wireless microphone users
New Season Brings Wireless Mic Changes To Football
ESPN and SEC experiment with expanded wireless mic use on referees
Get Ready For FCC Changes
Information on reallocation of wireless mic frequencies
Wiress Mic Spectrum Battle Moves On To Congress
Move over, FCC. Congressman Rush is in the house
Looking Into The Future
What will happen to 700 MHz wireless mic users
Battery Savings May Pay For Wireless Mic Replacement
You can save enough to buy a new mic through improved battery life
Got Wireless Problems, Click Here!
Valuable troubleshooting tip from Shure.com
FCC Continues Work On "White Space" Database
It's been a year, and this work is still not complete
Beware The 900 MHz mic replacement option
900 MHz mics won't solve your "white space" problelm
Wireless Mic Licenses
A discussion of wireless mic licensing issues
Wireless Mic Videos
Share your wireless mic videos with us
Referee Miking Continues To Evolve
Here are some tips straight from the Super Bowl
The Biggest Mistake
A new take on how not to use wireless lavalieres
Rechargeable Batteries for Wireless Mics
Why rechargeable batteries aren't the solution
You Call This Wireless?
Why wireless mics are misnamed.
Wireless Tools
Some great tips for wireless users
Want To Increase The Range of Your Wireless Transmitter?
Useful Idea I picked Up On a Recent Corporate Video Shoot.
Use Wireless Mics A Lot?
You Gotta Get One of These!
What’s a Few Degrees on Game Day?
Wes Hardison, audio freelancer, describes the perils and solutions to Stadium sound on game day.
Setting Up Your Home Voiceover Studio
Great info on setting up your home voiceover studio.
White Space Debate
The performers point of view
New Developments In Rechargeable Batteries
Sanyo Eneloop may be the solution
Wireless Mic Diversity
What this term means and why it matters
Waterproof Your Wireless Transmitters
No more "sweating out" your belt packs
Shure Rebate Helps On White Space Issue
If you've got to upgrade, time is running out on this offer
The White Space Debate Picks Up Again
Just when you thought you could use your 700 MHZ mics after all
FCC Declares Deadline On 700 mHZ Wireless Mic Use
Final deadline is announced related to wireless microphones
How To Do A Wireless Mic Sound Check
Wireless microphones need special attention at sound check
Do I Need To Replace My Wireless Mics?
Here's how to tell if your mics violate the new FCC ruling



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