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Now that the FCC has provided a final date-June 12, 2010-for ending use of certain wireless mics, it is important for you to understand whether your wireless microphones are subject to the new ruling.

All wireless microphones transmit their signal on some part of the broadcast spectrum, and all of this wireless territory is subject to FCC regulation.

This most recent ruling impacts what is called the 700 MHz band (actually 698 MHz to 806 MHz ). If you have any wireless mics that operate in that frequency range, they will be illegal to use after the final date in June.

Each wireless mic system will have the operating frequency (or frequency range) stated on a tag on the receiver and inside the transmitter. Look for a number in the 700 range (usually 3 digits, but may have additional digits on the right side of a decimal point). If the number you find is not in the range above, then your equipment can continue to operate legally.

If your microphone(s) fall in the 700 mHZ range, the FCC says that they may cause harmful interference to public safety and wireless consumer devices.

The FCC has provided a useful list of manufacturer's model numbers which will help you determine if your device is affected. This page also includes links to most of the major manufacturer's web sites .

First, look for the tag with the frequency information directly on your equipment. That's the best place to get the answer. If that doesn't work check the FCC site.

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Jeff Harrison

-Jeff Harrison is a sound person and special event producer who lives in works in Chapel Hill, NC. His most recent work includes producing professional school commencement exercises for the University of North Carolina.

He can be contacted at jeff@wirelessmic.net

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