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Here’s a Useful Idea I picked Up On a

Recent Corporate Video Shoot

I was recently called in by a local corporate media producer to provide a sound system and wireless package for a large corporation’s satellite videoconference.

It was to be produced at their local campus, in front of a live audience, and distributed by satellite to a number of other facilities both in the US and abroad.

The video was to open with the CEO walking along a long hallway adjacent to the auditorium, with the audio to be of him "thinking out loud" about his presentation as he approached the presentation hall.

There was not enough time to shoot this "pre-entrance" footage separately and edit into the final product, so the intro had to be shot live, to be heard and seen both by both the local and the remote audiences.

The building had shielding in the walls to prevent rf interference from all the computer wiring running through the facility and it meant that the signal from the CEO’s wireless lavaliere was intermittent, at best, when it arrived at the receiver in the auditorium

Since we were using frequency-agile wireless mics, I was able to tune multiple receivers (we used three) all to the same frequency-the one that was used by the CEO’s lavaliere. We placed the receivers in different locations along the hallway and hard wired them back to my mixing position.

All I had to do was listen, via headphones, to the outputs of the multiple receivers and crossfade from one to another as he moved along the hallway. The CEO was not encumbered by multiple lavalieres and transmitters and the video producer was able to get the clean look he wanted, with just one, almost invisible lavaliere, clipped to the CEO’s tie.

This worked great. Give it a try.


Jeff Harrison

-Jeff Harrison is a sound person and special event producer who lives in works in Chapel Hill, NC. His most recent work includes producing professional school commencement exercises for the University of North Carolina. He can be contacted at jeff@wirelessmic.net

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