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Wirelessmic.net is hosted by Harrison Bros. Inc., a supplier of entertainment and audio-visual production supplies. We are located in Chapel Hill, NC and are in our 20th year of supplying expendables to a small buy loyal customer base.

Our interest in entertainment supplies comes from 30 years of work in the special events production industry by the company owner, Jeff Harrison.

Our sites include: GoodBuyGuys.com , theTAPEworks.com, buyBATTERY.com , buyTAPE.com , buyExtensioncord.com,buySpeakerCable.com , buyMicStand.com and Harrisonbros.com.

We look forward to your participation in wirelessmic.net as we build a community of dedicated sound technicians interested in wireless microphones.

Have a comment about our site? Please get in touch at jeff@harrisonbros.com

Interested in some random musings about wireless mics and more?

Here’s our blog.


We are located at:

47 North Chatham Parkway

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

We can be reached at 919-968-0241




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